Executive Leadership Coaching Program

Executive Leadership Coaching Program


We help managers and executives develop leadership skill sets through a customized program of one-on-one or two-on-one coaching. Our coaching engagements last an average of 9 months to give leaders an opportunity to embed the skills they have acquired.

LDI develops:

  • leadership versatility
  • the ability to create a shared vision
  • leaders who provide direction and  communicate expectations
  • leaders who generate followership
  • influencing skills
  • the ability to recognize and alter his/her leadership style as necessary
  • leadership brand and presence
  • cross functional partnering skills
  • leaders who become people developers
  • conflict competence


  • Provide participant with practical tools and information in the acquisition of skill sets
  • Regular consultation and coaching given on real-time leadership challenges
  • Use of simulations/role plays to obtain a closer view of the participant’s leadership style and how it may impact others in the organization
  • Observe the participant conduct a business meeting and then debrief
  • Provide real-time feedback to the participant about leadership behaviors LDI observes in coaching meetings and demonstrate alternative leadership approaches
  • Challenge leadership assumptions that drive leadership behaviors and yet do not get desired results
  • Relevant reading material given and discussed, e.g., current research findings on influencing strategies, decision-making skills, etc.
  • Action items assigned to participant and reviewed at follow-up meetings